Top Budget-Friendly Wedding Hacks Every Bride Should Know

Are you planning to throw an elegant wedding in Melbourne, but are afraid of going bankrupt afterwards? No need to fret. There are budget-friendly alternatives that you can try without spending too much. Your wedding can still feel luxurious without the added cost. If you have a knack for decorating, you can transform any of the Melbourne reception venues into elegant-looking spaces that are perfect for the occasion.
Wedding receptions should not only be limited to closed spaces. There are Melbourne reception venues that have an al fresco appeal for couples who want a laid-back garden party. The wedding reception venue is not the main reason why your wedding is well-loved. You and your guests’ experience matters the most. That is why comfort and convenience should be your inspiration when searching for Melbourne reception venues.
But how do you throw a budget-friendly wedding that still feels elegant and luxurious? Below are some pointers to help you out:
  • Go Digital — Everyone is connected to social media these days, save maybe for a few elderly loved ones. You can send your ‘save the date’ and invitation cards online to cut on costs. You can only print a few copies to those who request actual invites sent to them. If you have a printer or someone you know owns a high-quality printer, you can have these invites printed out.
  • Go Second-Hand — There is nothing wrong with using second-hand items to cut on wedding costs. Afterall, you should prepare for the marriage and not the wedding. Your close friends and family will not make it a big deal if you use a pre-owned wedding gown as long as it fits you perfectly fine. You can rent wedding attire from specialty consignment shops. Other items that you can rent or buy from specialty stores include veils and votives.
  • Enlist the Help of Friends and Family — If you have a friend or a relative who has a knack for decorating, you can get their creative juices flowing by asking for their help. They can transform any budget wedding venue into an elegant one with their creativity. You will be surprised at how willingly they will help you out to make your big day more memorable. Their participation will truly be remembered, and they will feel honoured to be part of something as special as your wedding. If you also know someone who bakes delicious cakes and pastries, why not ask him/her to make a traditional wedding cake and cute cupcakes for you? Not only will you save on cost, but will also allow him/her to showcase his/her talents. Using available resources is a great way to have an elegant and meaningful wedding without spending too much.
  • Opt for a Standing Ceremony — If you plan to hold your wedding ceremony in a garden, you can ditch the chairs and just opt for a standing ceremony instead. No need to rent chairs for everyone especially if you plan to have a brief wedding ceremony. But don’t forget to bring a few chairs for your elderly guests as well as for those who can’t stay on their feet.
  • Opt for a DIY Photobooth — In this time and age, DIY is a hit especially among the millennials. Instead of having a rented photo booth, have someone set up a cute backdrop for you. You can buy or rent a Fuji Instax or a digital polaroid for your guests to take photos with a note. This can serve as your guestbook and as souvenir for your friends or family to take home. It’s like hitting two birds in one stone.
Your wedding is only part of your married life. While nothing is wrong with spending too much on an elegant wedding, you can also choose to be a practical bride. Look for affordable venues for a wedding reception in Dandenongs that will suit your tastes and budget. You can also visit trusted sites, like for the best wedding reception function venues.