A Quick and Detailed Overview of Self Tanning Lotions

Direct exposure to sun for tanning or for any reason can be very bad for your skin. The cases of skin cancer resulting due to long duration of exposure to sun are really bothering the medical world with surprise. According to a survey report released by the Centre of Disease Control and prevention, it was unveiled in 2015 that in between 1982 to 2011, the cases of melanomas have doubled and many of the cases were subject of sun tanning processes. Well, the protection of skin from sun’s harmful rays is a serious concern worldwide, which is why the popular sun tanning is being replaced with self tanning lotions.

Reasons behind the Popularity of Self tanning Lotions

·        The increased awareness among people about the potential harmful effects of sun rays and risk of skin cancer from sun tanning.

·        In today’s generation, most people are working or are busy with some or the other work with hardly any time for sun tanning for hours.

·        Moreover, other options like spray tanning are also time consuming, and therefore you need to take appointments for the session, endure the process, etc.

·        However, with QLD self tanning lotions you don’t have to depend on any services, you don’t need to take appointments or schedule time for tanning sessions.

·        You can carry your tanning tool kit anywhere and everywhere.

·        Exposure to sun for long durations also welcomes premature wrinkles and aging signs on your skin.

Self tanning Products

There is a wide variety of self tanning lotions in QLD like gels, creams, lotions, sprays, etc. You need to choose a particular product as per your skin type. You may have oily skin in which case you need to select an oil controlling self tanning product, or in case you have dry or mixed skin you need to choose accordingly. Moreover, nowadays you can prefer to buy self tanning lotions in QLD with SPF protection that will shield your skin from the ultraviolet rays and its effects on your skin. You can also avail special gentle and sensitive skin self tanning solutions in the market which can be applied on the face as well.

·        Without being blazed under the sun you get perfect bronze shade in the summers and anytime.

·        You have special SPF protection on top of tanning to protect your skin.

·        You can avail a wide collection of expensive as well as affordable self tanning lotions in the market for all types of skin.

You can use these products anywhere. This means you are actually carrying your tanning tool everywhere. Moreover, since these are available in gel or lotion or cream forms, they are easy to use, offer an even tone tanning solution unlike sun tanning. You don’t even need to invest your time in a parlour or spa appointments since you can follow the product usage instructions and use it on your own. Moreover, you can use them even as you go out for work since these are equipped with SPF protection as well for all-time usage purposes. For more info, visit https://ecococo.com.au/best-self-tanning-organic-tan-lotions/

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