Crucial Tips To Prevent Accidental Poisoning At Home

The Financial Mail recently reported in April that medical gap cover which takes care of shortfalls in medical aid payments now has policies in place where hospitals and medical professionals will not be able to charge exorbitant amounts to those already registered with medical aid. This could mean great news for your family’s emergency cases at your local clinic like the gap medical. The following list helps you take necessary precautions to avoid accidental poisoning at home.

Secured Cabinets

With modern medicine and hygiene necessities, there are many products that could be poisonous to you, your pets or your family members. Your first line of defense against getting hold of these products is to have secured storing areas where you can personally administer the medicines to your children or reach for dangerous cleaning agents like bleach. Always have a family doctor registered under your medical insurance similar to family doctors at the gap medical.


Whether they are OTC drugs or doctor prescribed medicines, be very careful where you store them. Children can often mistake colourful pills for candy if left out in the open. Even with child safety seals, cough syrups and tablets encased in foil rappers are very easy to get into. As a parent, you should contact your local clinic like Walton Bridge medical centre, immediately if you see your child playing with emptied medication bottles. Also parents can make mistakes sometimes, especially if your child is sick and you need to give him his medication at night. Always read your prescription bottle carefully before consuming or administering medication. Family doctors found at experienced clinics like the gap family medical centre will be able to help you with emergency accidental poisonings. Although vitamins and supplements should not cause the body harm, children may still overdose on high quantities if they get a hold of them. Always remember to keep your medicines back in their correct place after administering them. Visit us at SmartClinics

Home Cleaners

The cabinet under the kitchen sink might seem like an efficient place to store kitchen and bathroom cleaners. However, children have a nasty habit of opening cupboards they should not. These products should not be kept in your pantry either with edibles and soda can bottles in case of leakage. In case your child has mistaken a cleaning agent for an edible item, get in touch with your area’s poison control hotline or better yet call your emergency doctor at your local clinic like the gap medical even if emergency help is on its way. Since your child’s pediatrician or GP knows his medical history, like at Ashgrove medical clinic, they have to be made aware of their poisoning as well.

Plants & Pesticide

Needless to say any poisonous plants should be kept out of reach of both your children and any pets you may have. In case you use pesticides, make sure you store them in your garden shed or with your home cleaning products in a cabinet, preferably with a child safety lock on it.

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