Wedding Photography Tips from the Pros

Do have a knack for taking photos and want to try your hand at wedding photography? If you are already skilled at editorial photography, you may want to take on a different challenge and be a wedding photographer in Vancouver today. Even if you are an amateur in the field, you may learn from experts to jumpstart your career in becoming the next professional Vancouver wedding photographer.


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All professional photographers started out as amateurs. So if you are doubtful of your skills as a wedding photographer, the best way to start learning is through experience. You can never get to become an expert unless you take the first step. These tips below are what professional wedding photographers swear by.

Make a List and Check it Twice

The best way to stay organized when doing a wedding shoot is by making a list of things to do and prepare for the big day. This is especially important when you are still an amateur. Make sure your batteries are charged and your lenses are cleaned at least two days before the event. You also need to bring backups in case something unfortunate happens.

Don’t Isolate Yourself

Although your main job is to capture the precious moments of the bride and groom, mingling with other vendors will not hurt. After completing all the same day edit requests, you can talk to the DJ or the wedding planner as well as the baker or caterer. This way you can expand your market and promote your craft by befriending other vendors.

Be Realistic

Although it is so easy to feel like you are walking in the clouds after completing your first wedding shoot, one negative remark may crush your dreams of becoming a professional Vancouver wedding photographer in an instant. Set realistic goals and be open to criticism. After all, you are still learning the ropes so expect that there will be areas that need improvement. Take note of them and make sure to remember those bad shots so you can avoid them in the future.

Make Sure to Capture the Moments

Your main focus when you are a Vancouver wedding photographer is the bride and groom. Make sure to capture all their little details and they will be thrilled with the result. Capture the moment while the bride is having her makeup done and surrounded with the most important women in her life. The groom may also have a moment of his own as he is tying his necktie and shoes. Also, never miss the moment when the groom finally gets to see the bride walking down the aisle as it is one of the most memorable wedding highlights.

Go Candid

Candid moments are priceless as these are the moments when the couple and their guests reveal their true feelings. Real moments, like when the groom’s mother wipes her happy tears or when the bride’s daddy hugged her so tight while trying to fight back his tears, the temper tantrums of those cute little flower girls and all the other unscripted precious moments make the wedding more real and personal.

Talking to professional photographers will also help you improve. Look for a company that has been in the business for a long time or a company that has earned a recognition or award. It would be nice if you talk to experts who are skilled at all types of photography styles and have handled several wedding themes ranging from contemporary to modern with an Asian twist and so on. Being exposed to various styles will help you improve your craft. Visit our website at

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